Friday, June 25

Unpacking, Uncluttering, Un-enjoyable :)

We're moved into the new house! Finally, and we have about half of it unpacked. We are counting down the days now to our obx vacation which is much needed at this point. My dad brought Aaron and I these two chairs which I love! They could use some reupholstering but they are really neat, plus any deck furniture at this point is a plus! Aaron's mom also brought us four different potted tomato plants for the deck since there wasn't any time this year for garden planting.
I only have a picture of part of the kitchen to release for right now :) the kitchen is still a work in progress but it should be done soon. I'll also post pictures of the remainder of the house later, it hasn't changed much, now there are just things filling all the empty spaces. The Home Goods store opened up down in Collegeville so I finally got to experience it and I wish I hadn't! There were cart loads of things I would have purchased given less restraint. I did manage however buy two lamps for the living room, a mirror/artwork stand for the bedroom, and a decorative mirror that we'll be hanging in the living room. For now I have the mirror on the stand for the effect.

We ended up buying all of our appliances this week, the refrigerator came first since our old one decided to die during the move. As you can tell we haven't finished the doors on the cabinets yet, or the countertops, or the backsplash...or the base of the cabinets for that matter. But like I said it's coming right along! Below are my Home Good purchases:
We plan on getting everything (as much as humanly possible) unpacked this weekend, the stove and dishwasher should be coming soon, either today or Monday. Then in a few short days we'll be laying on the beach drinking margaritas :) I'll try and be more diligent about updating our progress now that we are moved in!


  1. Congrats on your move and good luck with all of your projects! Thanks so much for including Domestic Adventure in your links!!

  2. You are very welcome! I enjoy reading your posts and getting ideas for my own 'Adventures' :)