Tuesday, June 15

Moving Day!

Here it is two months to the day since Aaron and I bought our first home and we will be officially moved into it on Saturday! It's hard to believe it has been two months already! I'm anxious to be in the house and start unpacking and rearranging what little bit of furniture I feel we have. Patience Patience Patience, one of those little things I absolutely do not have. I want all the furniture, decorations, appliances, lights, and fixtures right  now as well as wanting to take numerous vacations this year and we just can't have it all I suppose.

I've been wanting to take an elaborate vacation and am having a hard time waiting until the "Big Day" (whenever that might be) to take one,  so for now I'm planning a Napa getaway and hope those plans hold for this September. Some wine and travels will do us good after this busy transition we're having into home ownership. Moving week has commenced and the big moving day is on Saturday. Updated Kitchen pictures to follow!

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