Wednesday, May 14

40 Weeks: This baby is due!

How far along: 40 Weeks...and ready to Pop!
Total weight gain: 30 pounds
Maternity clothes: Lots of dresses and spandex workout clothes.
Stretch marks: Not that I can see.
Sleep: I'm up every 2-3 hours to use the bathroom and then a lot of the time I'm lying there trying to determine if I'm having contractions or if my sleepy state of mind is playing tricks on me.
Best moment this month: We had a fairly busy 4 weeks. Aaron's mom hosted our baby shower for his family and it was such a beautiful day. Baby B. was showered with even more love in the form of clothes and so much gear and a lovely baby quilt Aaron's mom made from his old baby blankets. Before the shower we had our maternity pictures taken with Annabelle Bowers at AB Photography she is wonderful and for anyone in the Reading, PA area I would highly recommend her :) We went to another O's game, this time a doubleheader, did a lot of fishing at parks in Pasadena and Annapolis. Toured around Charlestown, MD and Washington College one Saturday. Spent Mother's Day fishing and then strolling around Annapolis, having a late lunch and eating ice-cream in front of the Capital building. I've stayed pretty busy, walking a lot with Lexi and on the weekend trips, I haven't been tired enough to rest much (it's hard for me to sit still). 
Miss Anything: Being able to plop down in any position and not have to struggle to get comfortable. 
Movement: He is still moving around quite a bit, people told me he'd slow down but here we are 40 weeks and he picks 730 every evening to do acrobatics. Mostly side to side movement because he has still remained in the head down position the past couple months. 
Food cravings: Nothing particularly note worthy. The desire for more fruit has spiked again like it did in the beginning. That might be because summer is almost here and watermelons are in the stores now. I'm sure it looked really funny me carrying a watermelon out of Trader Joe's the other day side-hipped to my watermelon sized belly.
Labor Signs: Last night was the first time I thought "I think it's starting" however again I think this was my sleepy state of mind playing tricks on me. I thought I was having very mild lower back aches and then heat flashes and belly contractions. It was all so mild though I don't know if it was just the way I was laying and baby was so pushed out that I thought my stomach was hard from a contraction and it was just him I was feeling. Needless to say I haven't had any very distinguishable labor signs yet. I am a bit surprised since I hear of all these mother's that have false contractions for weeks leading up and I have felt completely normal. 
Symptoms: I've had increased sharp pains in the evenings, much more than I was experiencing last month and much more painful. If this isn't a sign he's making his way out I don't know what is. 
Belly Button in/out: Partially out
Wedding rings on/off: I've taken them off for the most part since it's been so warm and humid lately. I don't really feel like I have retained any water, maybe just a little, but my rings are a bit harder to get on and off so for fear of getting them stuck I've left them off for now. 
Happy/Moody most of the time: Happy but impatient this past week. I've been working from home the past week and a half and I'm not much for being solo for such long periods of time so the clock is ticking for this little guy to get moving. 
Looking forward to: At this point we are looking forward to him being here. 10 months of waiting is past us and we are trapped within a certain radius of home for the time being. My doctor doesn't like to go past 41 weeks without talking induction so it would be nice if he'd make his way out on his own in the next few days in order to avoid having to be induced. Keeping our fingers crossed. 

Wednesday, April 16

36 Weeks (We made it to the 9th Month!)

How far along: 36 Weeks (only 4 weeks to go!)
Total weight gain: 28 pounds
Maternity clothes: Lots of skirts and dresses and even some shorts this past weekend...woo hoo!
Stretch marks: Not any yet.
Sleep: I'm not entirely sure how much sleep I'm actually getting at this point. I know I laid awake for a while last night. This discomfort thing is no joke. When you have gravity pulling down on a 6-7 lb baby in your belly floating in amniotic fluid it becomes quite difficult to find a comfortable position. I nearly have to pick my belly up to roll from one side to the other at night.
Best moment this month: This was a busy 4 weeks for us! My mom had our baby shower with my family and baby boy received lots of great items to get him started and he also received a ton of hand me downs (so many clothes!). My co-workers also threw me the most fun work shower I've ever attended :) it was so thoughtful and generous :) I also went over to see the Cherry Blossoms at their peak around the tidal basin with my friend Liz, it was a lovely lunch including a delicious funnel cake. We went to our first O's game of the season and Aaron and I were able to get away for the weekend out in Rocky Gap, Md. I rented a cabin, we explored the state parks around the area, we did a little hiking and learned about the Paw Paw tunnel and the fruit it's named after and I drove Aaron around in a golf cart while he played golf at Rocky Gap Resort. It was great to get away one last time before the little one arrives! Soon we'll be dragging him through state parks and dark tunnels with us!
Miss Anything: I miss being able to comfortably lay on the couch and in bed, no position seems to work for me at this point, my stomach muscles feel like they are constantly going to rip off. 
Movement: I have a little foot always pushing out on the right side of my stomach. I am pretty sure I felt the entire side of his foot today. I also still have a little bum pushing out behind my belly button. He seems to be staying in the same position, head down butt out, right where he needs to be. The doctor told me he is very low and in position. I have lots of limbs moving around in there looking for more room and stretching out. 
Food cravings: I still have the weird ice craving and I made Aaron pick me up some popsicles today. I haven't really had any other cravings this month. I can't eat a whole lot at this point since my stomach is so squished up in the top of my belly.
Labor SignsI haven't had any labor signs that I am aware of, I get a tight belly every once in a while but that is just Braxton Hicks and it's been pretty unnoticeable
Symptoms: I've had a lot of different symptoms this month. I still get heartburn on and off in the evenings but that seems to have gone away in the past few days. I have belly fatigue by the end of the day as well. It feels like my muscles are stretching from gravity pulling down on my belly all day, a similar feeling to when you stretch a muscle in your leg to far. I have also been getting some sharp pains (down there..TMI i know) but I looked into it and it's very common as this stage apparently. The pains are so sharp that it usually stops me in my tracks and takes my breath away (kind of like Aaron...:-P). It sounds like it can be attributed to baby burrowing deeper into my pelvis and hitting some nerves. Luckily it has only been happening in the evenings so I don't alarm anyone walking down the hall at work. 
Belly Button in/out: Surprisingly the button is still in there...barely but it's hanging around, we'll see if it makes it to the end. 
Wedding rings on/off: I've been wearing them on and off now. I get really hot in the middle of the night and my fingers seem to swell a little. I have a fear of cutting off the circulation in my finger so I have been taking the rings off. 
Happy/Moody most of the time: Happy!...because I'm Happy.
Looking forward to: We have so much going on in these last 4 weeks! Aaron's mom is hosting a baby shower for us this weekend for his side of the family and we are having maternity photos taken beforehand. We are also having another sonogram on Monday which was unexpected, to check baby's size and my amniotic fluid levels. We also have two more classes coming up, one tomorrow on how to take care of an infant after you bring them home from the hospital and a class on breastfeeding. In four short weeks we'll be meeting our little boy and it's so hard to imagine having him on the outside and seeing him for the first time! It could be any day now as I'm considered full term after this week. My last day in the office is May 1st so hopefully he hangs around in there until I"m home full-time. This might be the last chalkboard update before he appears if he decides to come early, if not see you at 40 weeks! I'll be posting his birth story though so stay tuned :) 

Wednesday, March 19

32 Weeks - Chalkboard Tracker

How far along: 32 Weeks (only 8 weeks to go!)
Total weight gain: 24 pounds!
Maternity clothes: All I wear now minus lounging around the house. Picked up some nursing tanks and sports bra. Also bought a few cute maternity shirts (one workout top), a baseball tee and a dress from Old Navy's maternity line. All fit really well and are very cute especially the baseball tee...Aaron approves.
Stretch marks: Not that I can see...hopefully they're not hiding until after baby boy is born.
Sleep: I suppose sleep could be worse. During most of the 2nd trimester I didn't need to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I have to get up once or twice now, kind of annoying. The belly isn't very comfortable without pillow support either. Aaron bought be a body pillow which has helped some. Gravity pulling down on my belly when I'm laying on my side is a really uncomfortable feeling depending on how baby is laying. Sometimes I just make a lot of noise flipping all around trying to get comfortable and then just give up until he changes position.
Best moment this month: We had our "friend shower" in the beginning of March it was a fun time celebrating baby b with all of those that came! Then the weekend after we had Jen, Ryan and Baby Maggie visit us from Kansas City. We got a full baby filled weekend, Maggie gave us a good taste of how much we have to look forward to in the next couple months! We're so happy to have had so many friends come and stay with us these past few weeks :)
Miss Anything: Through this whole process what I miss the most is being able to crank out a hard workout at the gym or throw on my shoes and go for a run...not that the weather has been very cooperative. Giving up those things for about 9 months is small in comparison to what we are getting in return <3 span="">
Movement: All day everyday! I wish I could get a glance inside my belly in the evenings to see what exactly I am feeling from the outside. He likes the right side below my ribs...luckily not so much in my ribs. There is always a limb poking out around there and lots of pokes behind my belly button. He's just stretching out trying to get comfy for these last few weeks of cramped space.
Food cravings: sweets (period) I've done a pretty good job of staying away most days but I could certainly go for a cupcake or cookie right about now. Also this might be really strange but I have been obsessed with eating the ice from my water glass once it's melted down most of the way. Ha. I'm not sure what that is about but I think the ice tastes really good...
Labor Signs: Not yet. I've had tight belly (maybe contractions) after going for walks but it goes away shortly after.
Symptoms: Heartburn in the evenings on most nights, nothing too horrible (or in the words of my mom, nothing some mint chocolate chip ice cream can't cure). I've had some shooting pains in my pelvic floor from the baby kicking me. That's about it really. Still going to the gym about 3 days a week but my stamina has started to dwindle as this 3rd trimester moves along.
Belly Button in/out: Barely in although at this point I think it might remain in there.
Wedding rings on/off: On but may have to take them off in the next week.
Happy/Moody most of the time: I've been pretty darn happy lately, I think with the renewed sense of Spring lingering around the corner. Those warmer days we've had the past few weeks have made me excited to have this little guy in May.
Looking forward to: 
May, it's such a pleasant month, temperature wise, and I'm looking forward to being able to spend the entire summer with baby boy :) My mom is also having our baby shower this weekend and I'm looking forward to some good food and fun times with family. Our hospital tour is coming up in the next two weeks as well as Aaron's birthday! Gotta make it extra special as his last birthday as a husband and a not a husband + daddy.

Wednesday, February 19

Third Trimester! 28 Week (Pregnancy Chalkboard Tracker)

How far along? 28 Weeks (only 12 weeks to go!)
Total weight gain: 20 lbs
Maternity clothes? Picked up a few cute pieces from Target’s maternity line that were on sale. Wearing mostly maternity skinny leg pants/maternity tops and midi-pencil skirts to work. Throwing on the leggings and tanks at home!
Stretch marks? No and continuing to use lots of lotion everyday.
Sleep: Sleep is becoming more difficult in the past few weeks. I generally am a side sleeper but I tend to wake up in the middle of the night on my back. You aren’t really supposed to sleep on your back so I keep having to shift around a lot at night. I flip from side to side but rolling this baby over is a challenge. Needless to say, sleep has been a little interrupted.
Best moment this month: This month has been much different than previous months. I have entered the third trimester (yay) and with it has come more aches and pains. I’ve had lots of people asking when I’m due which is a sign I’m looking quite pregnant these days. Baby boy has been very active, mostly shifting all over my stomach, I assume trying to get comfy. Some nights it looks like an alien invasion with what I assume is a limb rising up and moving across my stomach. He is most active once I lay down to go to sleep. Some nights I just lay there and stare at my belly. It’s a fascinating thing! We also received a wonderful gift off our registry from many of our friends, this was a lovely surprise and we can’t wait to celebrate our Friends Shower in a couple weekends with all of them!
Miss Anything? Summer (not baby related) but seriously this winter has to be kidding. It’s warming up this week but I’m not convinced the temperatures are here to stay. I hope baby boy is ready for lots of weekend adventures this summer. I hope he likes sandy toes. Oh, and I miss being able to sit up from the laying down position easily. At this point Aaron has to give me a little push to get up. Ha.
As I mentioned above, he is moving all the time, I don’t even think I notice it anymore. If I pause and focus on my stomach I’ll probably feel him wiggling around. I’m glad he is so active, let’s me know he is enjoying the ride.
Food cravings: I haven’t had many cravings this pregnancy, I’ve tried to maintain my normal eating habits of small meals and a good diversity of fruits and veggies. Cupcakes, gelato and cinnabuns have slipped into the mix but I’m been hitting the gym 4 days a week still so hopefully I’m counteracting some of the sweets.
Labor SignsNo but I do have a tight belly every so often which they say might be Braxton hicks but this is common for your abdominal muscle to tighten up.
Symptoms: Here we go. The mid-upper back ache/pain has been a lot worse lately, this pain also wraps around to my lower right ribs. I have been trying to use a foam roller at the gym and Aaron is being prepped for massage therapy at this point. It’s very difficult to stretch your back so I’ve been mostly doing the cat stretch and trying not to sit for prolonged periods of time which seems to make it worse. My tailbone hurts, I attribute that to my ligaments relaxing in preparation for baby’s arrival. Then there is heartburn but I think for the most part I’ve been spared the horrible heartburn others get. Mine usually happens at night and lasts only a brief amount of time…it’s not so bad it has caused me to give up any foods.
Belly Button in/out?  Barely in, it’s looking more like a winky eye.
Wedding rings on/off? On…oh and Aaron got a new wedding band for Vday…let’s see if this one stays on.
Happy/Moody most of the time: This winter is such a bummer lately, especially since I can’t ski. It’s starting to give us cabin fever and this weekend we are headed out on an adventure. I am mostly happy but by the end of the day I can be a bit of a terror (I blame back pain).
Looking forward to: Seeing our friends in a couple weeks (miss you guys). Spending more time outdoors. Prepping for the arrival of our new playmate.

Wednesday, January 22

24 Week Pregnancy Chalkboard Tracker

How far along? 24 Weeks (6 Months)...16 Weeks to Go!
Total weight gain: 15 lbs
Maternity clothes? I bought a pair of maternity skinny jeans from Kohls, best investment of my life. 
Stretch marks? No and still using the cocoa butter gel plus lots of lotion!
Sleep: Still sleeping soundly, I'm pretty sure I need more sleep though, 10 hours seems about right.
Best moment this month: We have started working on the nursery :) We bought baby boy's dresser from Ikea (Aaron is a trooper and spent 4 straight hours putting it together). We received the crib off our registry from Aaron's parent's which is now set up in the nursery. I made a crib skirt and started working on the crib bumper since I couldn't quite find what I wanted online and bumpers are outrageously expensive for what they are. I wanted to use a material that was breathable as well and the breathable bumpers just aren't that cute. Besides the nursery progress, baby boy has been kicking and punching harder! You can see ripples and thumps from the outside of my belly. It's neat, I've been trying to capture it on video, Aaron seems fascinated by the movement as well!
Miss Anything? Running (I tried to run down the street the other day...nope...feels too weird) and breathing.
Movement: All the time but more movement after I eat and when I am trying to go to sleep at night. I can feel flips as well. 
Food cravings: This month it has certainly been sweets, I didn't eat a lot of sweets through the holidays but this past week, milkshakes and ice-cream are Heaven! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: I've felt really great lately, knock on wood.
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Nothing notable, heartburn a couple times but nothing like when I ate chili last month. 
Belly Button in/out?  In however I do think it's getting more shallow.
Wedding rings on/off? On
Happy/Moody most of the time: Happy most of the time (we'll look past the crying spurts)
Looking forward to: Warm weather and having our friends over for a co-ed baby shower party.