Wednesday, May 14

40 Weeks: This baby is due!

How far along: 40 Weeks...and ready to Pop!
Total weight gain: 30 pounds
Maternity clothes: Lots of dresses and spandex workout clothes.
Stretch marks: Not that I can see.
Sleep: I'm up every 2-3 hours to use the bathroom and then a lot of the time I'm lying there trying to determine if I'm having contractions or if my sleepy state of mind is playing tricks on me.
Best moment this month: We had a fairly busy 4 weeks. Aaron's mom hosted our baby shower for his family and it was such a beautiful day. Baby B. was showered with even more love in the form of clothes and so much gear and a lovely baby quilt Aaron's mom made from his old baby blankets. Before the shower we had our maternity pictures taken with Annabelle Bowers at AB Photography she is wonderful and for anyone in the Reading, PA area I would highly recommend her :) We went to another O's game, this time a doubleheader, did a lot of fishing at parks in Pasadena and Annapolis. Toured around Charlestown, MD and Washington College one Saturday. Spent Mother's Day fishing and then strolling around Annapolis, having a late lunch and eating ice-cream in front of the Capital building. I've stayed pretty busy, walking a lot with Lexi and on the weekend trips, I haven't been tired enough to rest much (it's hard for me to sit still). 
Miss Anything: Being able to plop down in any position and not have to struggle to get comfortable. 
Movement: He is still moving around quite a bit, people told me he'd slow down but here we are 40 weeks and he picks 730 every evening to do acrobatics. Mostly side to side movement because he has still remained in the head down position the past couple months. 
Food cravings: Nothing particularly note worthy. The desire for more fruit has spiked again like it did in the beginning. That might be because summer is almost here and watermelons are in the stores now. I'm sure it looked really funny me carrying a watermelon out of Trader Joe's the other day side-hipped to my watermelon sized belly.
Labor Signs: Last night was the first time I thought "I think it's starting" however again I think this was my sleepy state of mind playing tricks on me. I thought I was having very mild lower back aches and then heat flashes and belly contractions. It was all so mild though I don't know if it was just the way I was laying and baby was so pushed out that I thought my stomach was hard from a contraction and it was just him I was feeling. Needless to say I haven't had any very distinguishable labor signs yet. I am a bit surprised since I hear of all these mother's that have false contractions for weeks leading up and I have felt completely normal. 
Symptoms: I've had increased sharp pains in the evenings, much more than I was experiencing last month and much more painful. If this isn't a sign he's making his way out I don't know what is. 
Belly Button in/out: Partially out
Wedding rings on/off: I've taken them off for the most part since it's been so warm and humid lately. I don't really feel like I have retained any water, maybe just a little, but my rings are a bit harder to get on and off so for fear of getting them stuck I've left them off for now. 
Happy/Moody most of the time: Happy but impatient this past week. I've been working from home the past week and a half and I'm not much for being solo for such long periods of time so the clock is ticking for this little guy to get moving. 
Looking forward to: At this point we are looking forward to him being here. 10 months of waiting is past us and we are trapped within a certain radius of home for the time being. My doctor doesn't like to go past 41 weeks without talking induction so it would be nice if he'd make his way out on his own in the next few days in order to avoid having to be induced. Keeping our fingers crossed.