Sunday, February 27

Vintage Luggage

This weekend Aaron and I went up to his family in Hazleton, PA for his grandmother's 89th birthday! While we were there we did a little 'picking' :) inspired by American Pickers I suppose. I've recently discovered I have a strong fancy for old vintage suitcases, hence the header :P Aaron went up to Hazleton last weekend and was given the grand tour of a barn on a family members property. He came home with an old 30's Stromberg Carlson radio, a cute little thing that kind of matches the big 'Christmas Story' looking radio we picked up at the Antique store down the road. Nonetheless he came home from last weekends trip telling me about some suitcases he saw up in the barn so instantly I was a little curious. When we went up this weekend his cousin took both of us down to the barn so I could poke around myself. He so graciously let me snag the 3 piece starlite luggage set and while I was exploring I discovered some 50's luggage set made my Sears and Roebucks, brand new! still the original boxes. Both sets are a light blue but the one's in the boxes are about 20 years older than the 3 piece set. I was so excited and Brian let me take both sets home with me! Here's a little preview of my finds...

Aaron picked up that little lovely case you see in brown and opened it up and surprise polka dots :) It's
hard to tell but the satin is actually purple and the dots are a light green. It's a really nice little leather case so I snagged it up too. It looks like I'm set in the blue luggage now if I could find some pretty greens and yellows that would be great! I'd like to collect a bunch of sets and upcycle them with little prints or stencil designs. I think I might try and put and an anchor on mine and drag them along with me on Jen's bachelorette cruise coming up in April!

Sunday, February 20

Craft Station!

This weekend I headed up to Motor City to help my good friend Jen with wedding crafting. Jen, Emily (friend and bridesmaid), and I did some embossing with embossing powder, for cute little favors Jen is giving away to the wedding guests. They are little photo booth frames with paper inserts, at the top she is embossing the wedding date (5/14/2011) and at the bottom "Thank You"; in the middle a quote will be stamped. The guests will be able to take photos in the photo booth and later use the frames for their pictures :) Such a cute idea, I know photo booths are becoming quite popular these days. Emily also used Jen's Cricut to do some decorative paper crafting to spice up some guest gift bags for their hotel stays! P.s. The Cricut is awesome and I definitely want one, it looks like all the accessories can really add up though :(

Aaron accomplished a lot this weekend while I was gone, I came home to a very clean house, Thank You Aaron! He also finished hanging our french doors yay...and we went to home depot and bought items needed for my craft station :) I was given a My Home My Style magazine and saw this really cute and functional crafting station that seemed simple to put together. I'm so excited to use it, this is a snap shot of my inspiration.
and here is what
has been created
thus far...
I can't leave out the French Doors, we bought them at a home store in Reading, PA called Heeby's, kind of like a Home Depot or Lowe's except the supplies are leftover stock from big box companies and sold way cheaper. We bought the doors for $89/door! Painted them white and Walah

Did I mention we painted the living room a soft sage as well! It feels so much more like a home with color on the walls! Look for pictures of my decorated craft station soon.