Wednesday, March 19

32 Weeks - Chalkboard Tracker

How far along: 32 Weeks (only 8 weeks to go!)
Total weight gain: 24 pounds!
Maternity clothes: All I wear now minus lounging around the house. Picked up some nursing tanks and sports bra. Also bought a few cute maternity shirts (one workout top), a baseball tee and a dress from Old Navy's maternity line. All fit really well and are very cute especially the baseball tee...Aaron approves.
Stretch marks: Not that I can see...hopefully they're not hiding until after baby boy is born.
Sleep: I suppose sleep could be worse. During most of the 2nd trimester I didn't need to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I have to get up once or twice now, kind of annoying. The belly isn't very comfortable without pillow support either. Aaron bought be a body pillow which has helped some. Gravity pulling down on my belly when I'm laying on my side is a really uncomfortable feeling depending on how baby is laying. Sometimes I just make a lot of noise flipping all around trying to get comfortable and then just give up until he changes position.
Best moment this month: We had our "friend shower" in the beginning of March it was a fun time celebrating baby b with all of those that came! Then the weekend after we had Jen, Ryan and Baby Maggie visit us from Kansas City. We got a full baby filled weekend, Maggie gave us a good taste of how much we have to look forward to in the next couple months! We're so happy to have had so many friends come and stay with us these past few weeks :)
Miss Anything: Through this whole process what I miss the most is being able to crank out a hard workout at the gym or throw on my shoes and go for a run...not that the weather has been very cooperative. Giving up those things for about 9 months is small in comparison to what we are getting in return <3 span="">
Movement: All day everyday! I wish I could get a glance inside my belly in the evenings to see what exactly I am feeling from the outside. He likes the right side below my ribs...luckily not so much in my ribs. There is always a limb poking out around there and lots of pokes behind my belly button. He's just stretching out trying to get comfy for these last few weeks of cramped space.
Food cravings: sweets (period) I've done a pretty good job of staying away most days but I could certainly go for a cupcake or cookie right about now. Also this might be really strange but I have been obsessed with eating the ice from my water glass once it's melted down most of the way. Ha. I'm not sure what that is about but I think the ice tastes really good...
Labor Signs: Not yet. I've had tight belly (maybe contractions) after going for walks but it goes away shortly after.
Symptoms: Heartburn in the evenings on most nights, nothing too horrible (or in the words of my mom, nothing some mint chocolate chip ice cream can't cure). I've had some shooting pains in my pelvic floor from the baby kicking me. That's about it really. Still going to the gym about 3 days a week but my stamina has started to dwindle as this 3rd trimester moves along.
Belly Button in/out: Barely in although at this point I think it might remain in there.
Wedding rings on/off: On but may have to take them off in the next week.
Happy/Moody most of the time: I've been pretty darn happy lately, I think with the renewed sense of Spring lingering around the corner. Those warmer days we've had the past few weeks have made me excited to have this little guy in May.
Looking forward to: 
May, it's such a pleasant month, temperature wise, and I'm looking forward to being able to spend the entire summer with baby boy :) My mom is also having our baby shower this weekend and I'm looking forward to some good food and fun times with family. Our hospital tour is coming up in the next two weeks as well as Aaron's birthday! Gotta make it extra special as his last birthday as a husband and a not a husband + daddy.