Sunday, June 6

It's a Coffee Tile weekend

We had lots of help this weekend from both our families and sunny (but very hot) weather. I should have taken a picture of the front of the house but forgot, Deb cut down the rest of the hedges that overtook the front of the house. It opened up the front and looks so much better already with just stumps haha. We just have to decide what to plant there now to make it pretty.

The men stuck to the kitchen for nearly 8 hours after a water pump scare. Thank goodness it was revived, what a disaster that would have been. My dad provided the tile saw, and with lots of man power the beautiful coffee tile turned our kitchen into a very inviting space (that is as long as you can close your eyes and envision, cabinets, appliances and a light fixture haha). All coming soon!
The grouting will be done tomorrow, we chose a grout color a bit lighter than the actual tile. The color is called haystack.  It's hard to tell the true color of the tile from these pictures (and all the dust) so i'll try and get some better pictures taken this week with the grout in place.

It's starting to finally hit me that I can do things to the house since I own it. It's a strange feeling having free range, but it also made me realize how many projects actually need to take place to get the house looking the way we envision!

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