Wednesday, June 2

Slowly looking like a Kitchen

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend. We decided to take a little break (I decided...) and go camping with some wonderful college friends down in Maryland. The weather was great and my dad went crabbing on Sunday so we even got to come home to a bushel of crabs and feast with the family (oh how I miss Maryland)

The kitchen is finally taking shape, we only have 23 more days to move out of our rental home so we are in crunch time now getting the kitchen to a functioning point. Here are a few updates:

I guess it's been about a week and a half at this point but we have managed to lay the hardie backerboard on the kitchen floor, tape and mortar the joints, patch holes in the wall, sand the walls, and primer.

Aaron's dad generously took a day to cut the backerboard to fit around the pipes and baseboards. We bought 4-50 lb bags of versabond tinset mortar (gray) to seal the boards to the floor. Home depot also sells special screws and bits to use to screw the board to the floor.

It's a long process but after we got all the boards down we had to tape the cracks with joint tape and then mortar over the tape.

We will be painting the walls today and laying the tile this weekend. The next pictures you should be up this weekend of the final paint and tile progress!

I'll also be discussing our cabinet situation once I have more time. We have decided to scratch the staining idea due to the type of wood and go with painting them a mocha brown color. Details to follow.

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