Friday, May 21

Cabinet Therapy

We seem to be weekend warriors like many homeowners. I always have big ambitions while sitting at work thinking I'll get off and drive over to the house and work on the cabinets or painting. For some reason it never turns out that way. It looks like Aaron and his father will be working on the floor today while I'm at work so it'll be nice to see the progress taking shape in the Kitchen.

I really want to have this kitchen functioning by the time we are fully moved in, in about a month. It'll be a close one but I think we can pull most of it off. I've acquired a bunch of random pieces of furniture from my dad, mostly some end tables and wall shelving. All which need refinished in some way, so I'll be working on those during rainy days. I'm trying decide on color schemes for each room, I bought a lot of samples, all earthy tones, so I'll have to start testing those on the walls and get some opinions.

Yesterday, we did go over to the house for a few hours to start the cabinet re-staining process. We used a really fine grade of steel wool to go over the cabinets with, then we applied a stripper (in thick layers with a medium sized paint brush) on the fronts of the cabinets, and finally we used a plastic paint scraper to peel away the shiny finish that covered the tops of the cabinets.

We laid all of the cabinets on their backs and went over the faces with the steel wool and stripper below.

The stripper is a pretty strong chemical so I would recommend gloves and a well ventilated room, We did this in the garage with the doors and windows open. After we used the steel wool and applied the stripper we went over the cabinets a couple of times with the stripper to keep the cabinets wet enough to absorb the chemical. You don't want to let it dry on the cabinets, it will tough to scrape the finish away.

After about two coats and touching up a few spots on the cabinets that didn't look like they were beginning to peel we started scraping away the finish. Surprisingly it came up in strips which made it really each to peel way. You can see how it started to bubble up and peel away, we let the chemical stripper sit on the cabinets for about a half hour, when we could tell it was ready to go.

We will probably go over the cabinets one more time with the stripper to see if we can get anything else to peel off, next we'll start sanding the tops and finally we can stain!

I also wanted to mention that I will be working on the flower boxes this weekend. I mentioned them in one of my other posts but I figured I'd snap a few pictures to show how great these boxes are. I'm not sure what color I'm going to paint them yet but I want to get them painted and planted this weekend :)

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