Monday, May 3

A few weekend fixes

We didn't have an enormous amount of time this weekend to work on the house. The weather was absolutely beautiful though, probably a bit warm for some people. On Saturday we attended Aaron's cousin's wedding and by the time we got home late Saturday afternoon we decided grilling out with the neighbors was a better idea than working on the house. So on Sunday with the help of Aaron's parents we moved four loads of stuff over to the house, mainly things we won't need in the next month or so and piled it into the guest room and the basement. I'm thrilled with how large the guest rooms are, even with all of the things we moved the main guest room still has plenty of room for lots more things.

Aaron and Dave worked to square up the plumbing in the kitchen so that one of these days we can turn the water back on and they also cleaned the gutters around the house. The big beautiful trees we have in the front yard aren't helping with the water flow.

Gutter Cleaning

While the boys were doing those things, Deb and I were out front cutting down some of the vegetation that was protruding the walkway up to the front door. Eventually all of the shrubs will be coming out so we can put in more attractive greenery.

You can see the before pictures in my first blog post, all of the original pictures of the house were taken then. I can't figure out why there is one dark stone on the face of the house, I didn't notice it before...but I don't think I like it.

We will be getting new shutters for the front to replace the one's that are on the house and to add to the windows that don't have any. An added feature are the stones that stick out underneath the window. Planter boxes were built and can be mounted to the house, I can't wait to put some pretty flowers in them!

Aaron took the white laminate off the planter boxes, once they are painted or restained they should look really nice.

Just a couple random shots: the first is looking down the street, trees line the street which looks really pretty now so I can't imagine what it will look like in the fall. The second is a picture of one of the hundreds of spearmint plants we have growing out back of the house (mint icecream and mojitos I think so...)

Currently the kitchen is at a stand still, we have striped it down to the wall and floor and are waiting for the tile to come in. Aaron is having his knee surgery this week so I'm not sure when we'll be able to get the tile in but hopefully I'll have a progress report on that in the next week or two.

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