Monday, June 7

Artwork for the kitchen

Today Aaron made one last push to finish as much as he could before going back to work. The tile is all laid and grouted and it looks awesome! The tile needs to be cleaned up a bit but I think we are so close to pulling this all together before we move in and I'm getting really excited.

I'm jumping ahead of myself and if Aaron knew I was trying to buy art for the walls already he'd likely say "It's not time for that yet, we still have to finish the cabinets, molding, baseboard, light, build the island, and buy the appliances. But what's a kitchen without paintings on the walls?! Either way I ventured on over to Overstock and decided on some pieces that are a signature for our kitchen.

Now if someone could go ahead and paint these for me, I would love an amateur (or professional) version :)

Here are the best pictures I could grab of the kitchen floor when I was over there this evening. There isn't a light in the kitchen yet so it was a little dark to take the picture but it still turned out pretty well. I think the grout looks wonderful and I can't wait to see what the before and after pictures of the kitchen look like.

Also due to my impatience and Lowe's not having the light fixture I orginially set out to find, I settled for one that was in stock and equally charming. It's a bronze traditional 5 light track that ties in nicely with the rest of the browns in the kitchen. (Purchased at Lowe's for $88)

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