Tuesday, November 2

What Happened to October?

Where did October go? Can you believe it's already November! and it definitely feels like November now. It's time for me to post some of the changes that have taken place in the kitchen and the dining rooms. First I would like to note, Aaron is much more dissatified then me when it comes to finishing projects. He has way more finesse then I do so it's a good thing he is doing the most majority of these projects, I can except the imperfections, he can not ;) so it's taking a little longer but the quality is great!!

The Dining Room - Before:

The Dining Room - After:

 We used Sherwin Williams Antique Bronze on the walls, we are still going to put crown molding around the top and I am on the hunt for a curtain rod over 10' long for the window so I can get our drapes hung. You can even catch a little glimpse of my table runner I created with the same fabric as the tie backs used on the kitchen curtains :)
Now...previously we showed pictures of us working on those dreadful kitchen cabinets for months. Well we finally finished them, we repainted all of the hardware to a bronze color and began hanging the doors. Well you may remember me mentioning that Aaron has a tough time excepting imperfections. Well on that note, we took all of the hardware back off and took all of the doors and cabinets back out! He decided antique white would look bettter than brown so all of the cabinets are not repainted to antique white (Thank G they are hung and staying right where they are!)

Originial Cabinets (*flashback):
The intended brown color without the doors on...

                                                   Aaron's new antique white choice:

I'm not sure if this will work but I took a Panoramic View of the kitchen. We still need counterops and a backsplash as you can see and Aaron is in the garage working on the built in trash cans for the island as I type :) We're having an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party in December so we have to have the kitchen finished in the next couple of weeks, this will be the first time people outside of family will see the house haha.

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