Monday, August 30

Autumn Aroma

I walked into the grocery store today to pick up a few things at lunch and as soon as I walked through the door the aroma of cinnamon pine cones filled the entrance way. I almost stood there for a few minutes to smell the air but didn't have time to waste so I took a huge gulp of air and savored it :) The calendar says 24 days until Fall...I say it's wrong, so it's still 90 degrees outside, September means Autumn therefore it begins in 2 days in my world.

We went a little overboard on purchases last week, it all started with a Craigslist find. A couple was selling their Crate and Barrel Havana Table and Chairs and we were in definite need of a better table for our oversized dining room. The table is beautiful and has the plank look on top.

We also saw an 'antique' hutch on craigslist but discovered after visiting the seller the hutch was intended to be a tv cabinet. I did however love her decorating style full of very bold colors and odd but strangely intriguing color combinations. So the trip wasn't a total fail b/c now I have a ton of ideas floating around my head for what to do with the walls in our house.

My birthday was this weekend, and in the words of an old friend, high five to two-five, it's time to get serious at my age (no more hand me down furniture) haha. Aaron took me to Home Goods and we picked out a few needed items as well as a rug which we found a Furniture4Less.
The colors look a lot brighter in person but I'm working with an iPhone camera. This is under the table and chairs in the dining room in the picture above. Aaron tried for the more traditional looking rug but I think I won that decision. He is working diligently on our island with the time we do have right now so he is commended for that <3
Here she is so far, we bought the beadboard to go around it as well so that is getting put on today. Once this island is finished or at least the outer shell we can get countertops!

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