Sunday, April 25

Day One: Rip and Tear

With a hearty breakfast and plenty of tools, day one of home renovation consisted of kitchen cabinet removal and a few fun discoveries! The kitchen and the bathrooms are our main projects to take on over the course of the next year. The remainder of the house doesn't look as 60's as those three rooms.

I'll start by introducing the lovely kitchen appliances that took way to long to remove...who would have known.

The never seen before, bush button stove by General Electric was nicely hardwired in to the wall. What this means is instead of a plug from the stove into the wall there was a electrical cord 'hardwired' right into the back of the stove (yippee) Aaron gets to learn the electrical trade!

This little discovery led us to a poorly labeled electrical box that thankfully did have the stove range labeled, fingers crossed the wire was removed from the stove. The only problem is a new electrical socket has to be put in for our new appliances once we get that 'wonderful' tax credit from the government!
...and then there was a matching dishwasher. It's hard to believe this is what an attractive appliance looked like in the 60's. I will admit they were made much more durable than the one's we have today, too bad we didn't just paint them a nicer color, like the color of steel. Oh well

Thankfully we have awesome wood cabinets that we will definitely be salvaging. I'll be trying out darker stain colors over the next couple of weeks so be on the look out, I might need opinions.
Taking doors off by hand until Aaron introduced me to the scary handheld drill! (so much easier)
Unfortunately we are not keeping this part of the cabinetry in order to put a big enough refrigerator in.
The clock attached to the cabinets that I wanted to keep...Aaron ripped it right off without a second thought. I thought it was a convenient addition haha.

I think the appliances consumed most of our day, determining how to shut the water off to the sink, as well as electrical safety issues from the appliances, and finally countertop removal. Next we will tackle the back splash, flooring, and electrical sockets.

Day one complete..while Lexi watches on.


  1. Can't wait to see how the cabinets turn out....maybe you can give me some pointers when I attempt to restain mine this summer:)

  2. I definitely will try. Aaron wants to do a coffee color theme. So we will be going darker with the cabinets and in Aaron's words "a coffee icecream" color on the walls. It's a lot to think about but it's fun :)