Monday, April 26

Day 2: Kitchen and Basement Renovations

On Sunday we headed back over to the house to pick up where we left off. We continued taking down the kitchen cabinets, removing the backsplash, and I began scraping away at the linoleum floor. Removing the flooring is no easy job! I have about half of it up so far and it took about five hours to get that far.

I also had Aaron take down the kitchen matter how many times I ran into the thing it never failed. a few minutes later I was smacking my head on it. So we are almost down to the bare bones of the kitchen and next comes the fun part, making it look beautiful. I am in the process of looking for a coffee inspired painting in hopes of inspiring tile and countertop ideas. Enjoy
We removed the upper cabinets to make it easier to sand the backsplash glue and paint the walls.
The bottle of wine left in the refrigerator and then we have Aaron making fun of my clumsiness and running into the light.
Putting some muscle into removing that flooring.
Amongst the kitchen renovations Aaron has been removing the paneling in the basement, along with the framing, and ceiling. We need to check out the electrical and piping situation. The basement was also poorly finished and needs to be redone.
Aaron hard at work :) ripping away that beautiful wood paneling. He kept saying he smelled a strange odor in the basement...look what he discovered!
Not sure how long it had been in the wall but there were walnuts all over the place. We discovered its entry way today. Hopefully it didn't do to much damage up in the ceiling.

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