Saturday, October 29

Mason Jars and Twinkle Lights

We booked the venue, Box Hill Mansion, we set the date 09/22/12, we have our photographer, and I found my dress (but it's a secret) except to my lovely bridal party and mother! Last weekend we all took a trip to Harleysville, PA where we visited the friendliest bridal shop owners on the planet and then made our way to Skippack. Skippack couldn't have been a more perfect a place for our girls day. It is a quaint little town for walking around and lucky for us the bridesmaid dresses were at a shop right in town, Page Six.

We have our engagement photo shoot tomorrow which I'm very excited about...this unbelievable weather (5 inches of snow?) threw a wrench in having the shoot today. Nonetheless we are exploring lighting ideas for the reception. We're crossing our fingers, praying to the weather gods, and pressing on with having our wedding reception outside under twinkling lights and the stars, on the mansion's patio. Of course we have a tent back up just in case the gods don't hear us. 

 These are a few of our ideas for the reception's illumination!
 We want tea lights strung in close strands above our guests heads with Chinese lanterns placed randomly around for more dimension and fun.  
These lights are a bit larger but you can see how beautiful they are in pictures it really adds a bit more romance to the photographs.
These Chinese lanterns add a whimsical feel and I love the hanging strands of tea lights, it would be neat to have a wall of tea lights in vertical strands hanging behind the head table at dinner. 
This is a bit of a winter wonderful theme but you can see the effect the lights have on the evening, such a beautiful scene. 

Aside from twinkle lights hung in the air I love the idea of using mason jars it gives a bit of a down home feel for the reception and I've found some awesome ideas that I will undoubtedly steal! We plan to have a string quartet for the ceremony music and I'm hoping to incorporate a bit of folksy sounding music to the ceremony and throughout the evening...mason jars will simply emphasize this vision :)

How perfect are these? Using mason jars as accent lighting. Place colored tissue paper on the inside (orange for our orange and navy color theme) and using battery operated candles to illuminate the jars!  They can be placed on stairs, tables, & around the mansion. The mason jars with family wedding photos, or even baby photos are so nostalgic and a great way for each family to glimpse into the past. 
I thought this idea would also work wonderfully for our venue. When visiting Box Hill they had these same type of plant hangers. The wedding taking place used baskets of flowers with ribbon to hold the basket onto the hanger. I like continuing the mason jar idea for hanging our flowers down the walk ways. For nighttime we can dye the water and place waterproof battery operated LED lights in the jars!
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