Sunday, September 12

Celebrations & Creations

I would like to start out my congratulating my lovely friend Jen on her recent engagement to her Fiance Ryan! I am so excited for the two of them and very pleased to share my Maid of Honor roles with another great friend Brandi! I wish nothing but the best for the both of them and can not wait to begin the traditional wedding festivities :-)
Just a little inspiration from based on Jen's color choices...just getting the ball rolling :D

On the home front Aaron and I actually spent the weekend at home and it was quite pleasant I must say! Aaron did some more work on the island and I finished my kitchen curtain project. These are the fabrics that I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics for my curtains, table runners, and the PB wall decor I will be replicating with my own spin!

The brown and white fabric is for the curtains. The orange and green fabrics are for curtain tie backs and table runners. The Asian inspired fabrics are for the wall art work.

I think these curtains turned out pretty well for my first attempt at making them. The curtain rods I purchases off of EBay a while back. The total cost of the curtain's and rods is $30.

Aaron and I also went to Heebie's this weekend, a surplus store for home construction materials. We looked at back splashes, counter-tops, and cabinet hardware. We decided to stick with the hinges we already had on the cabinets but just spray paint them a worn silver/gray look that we liked on some of the handle pulls we had seen in the store. It's hard to get a good feel from the images but you can see the beautiful possibly art deco look of the hardware previously.

The doors are about 1/3 finished. The spray gun worked so much easier than painting them by hand, Aaron says it's a bit messy to keep all everything clean. The doors however look great and I can't wait to get the rest of them painted and the painted hardware back on the cabinets! 

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